Times Free Press Best of Preps!

‎18 players that have trained with Elite Soccer Training were named to the 2010 Chattanooga Times Best of Prep!
Girls: 1st TeamTeni Butler/Baylor, Alex Cannon/Baylor, Grace Courter/Notre Dame, Mary Woodruff Griffin/GPS, Summer Lanter/Soddy Dasiy, Tiffany Sullivan/CCS, Peyton Thomas/Baylor, Hannah Wyatt/Soddy Dasiy 2nd Team: Becca Blevins/Signal Mountain, Chloe Brackett/Baylor, Lila Fisher/Signal Mountain, Kelly Pannell/Baylor, Katherine Rodgers/Baylor Honorable Mention: Alanna Barnes/Boyd Buchanan, Becca Haskins/Signal Mountain, Madison Kent/Signal Mountain, Haley Myers/Soddy Dasiy, Natalie Smith/Soddy Dasiy

Girls: 1st Team
Danielle Ciabattone/Notre Dame, Teni Butler/Baylor, Carey Leiper/Notre Dame, Mckenzie Thomas/Baylor, Peyton Thomas/Baylor, Hanna Wyatt/Soddy Dasiy, 2nd Team: Chloe Brackett/Baylor, Mary Woodruff Griffin/GPS, Madison Kent/Signal Mountain

Girls: 1st team
Kris Cambron/Notre Dame, Danielle Ciabattone/Norte Dame, Clair Lanter/Soddy-Dasiy, Logan Mays/CCS, Josie Rix/GPS, Kelsey Swann/Soddy-Dasiy 2nd Team: Carey Leiper/Notre Dame, Sarah Gawthrop/Baylor, Mckenzie Thomas/Baylor
Boys: 2nd Team

Steve Harris/CSAS

Girls: 1st Team

Kelsey Swann/Soddy Dasiy, Logan Mays/CCS, Clair Lanter/Soddy Dasiy, Mary Shelton Bryant/Baylor, Danielle Ciabattone/Notre Dame 2nd Team: Charity Blair/GPS, Sarah Gawthorpe/Baylor, Shannon Kelly/Notre Dame, Josie Rix/GPS
Boys: 1st Team
Blake Pelton/Notre Dame 2nd Team: Nouri Rahbe/McCallie

Girls: 1st Team

Jennifer Clemmer/Baylor, Kelly Downs/Soddy Dasiy, Lauren Hammond/GPS, Josie Rix/GPS, 2nd Team: Fritsl Butler/Bayor, Katie Cooper/GPS, Ginny Henry/GPS, Lucy Phillips/CCS
Boys: 2nd Team
Blake Pelton/Notre Dame

Girls: 1st Team

Nikki Brannen/Notre Dame, Heather Trimiew/CCS, Holly Hullender/Ooltewah, Paige Lanter/Baylor, Teal Orr/CCS, Eryn Garcia/Grace
Boys: 1st Team
Jody Johnson/Soddy Dasiy