Elite Soccer Training Chattanooga, TN Brag Page

One thing that is very unique about Elite Soccer Training that it is has not only produced strong youth players, but helped players reach such honors as National Champs, Players of the Year, All-Americans, All-State, Best of Preps, ODP and Region ODP Players, and now current College Coaches.
Chattanooga Youth Soccer coach Kristopher Ray has trained these players. 
  • The last 5 players from the Chattanooga area to be named to the ODP Regional Team have used Elite Soccer Training as a training tool. 
  • Summer Lanter and Mckenzie Thomas have attended National Training Camps as well!
Regional and State ODP Players
Regional Team:Summer Lanter, Caitlin Cook, Paige Lanter, Josie Rix, McKenzie Thomas
State Team:Summer Lanter, Holly Badger, Emily Clark, Emiley Saddler, Keyle Snyder, Kelsey Skillman, Yinka Ladapo, Lexi Arnold, Marci Carter, Summer Lanter, Kelly Pannell, Grace Stewart, Caitlin Cook, Paige Lanter, Josie Rix, Chole Bracket, McKenzie Thomas, Peyton Thomas, Christine Sledge
Times Free Press Best of Preps!

1st Team:Summer Lanter/Soddy Dasiy, Alanna Barnes/Boyd-Buchannan, Chole Brackett/Baylor, Teni Butler/Baylor, Izzy Phillips/GPS, Mckenie Thomas/Baylor, Peyton Thomas/Baylor, Hannah Wyatt/Soddy Dasiy, 2nd Team:Becca Blevins/Signal Mountain, Simone Busby/GPS, Paige Elliot/Baylor, Mary Woodruff Griffin/GPS, Yinko Ladapo/East Hamilton, Kelly Pannel/Baylor, 3rd Team:Blair Barker/Notre Dame, Grace Stewart/Baylor
1st Team:David Barnes/McCallie, 2nd Team:Ramsey Seagle/Baylor
18 players that have trained with Elite Soccer Training were named to the 2010 Chattanooga Times Best of Prep!
1st Team:Teni Butler/Baylor, Alex Cannon/Baylor, Grace Courter/Notre Dame, Mary Woodruff Griffin/GPS, Summer Lanter/Soddy Dasiy, Tiffany Sullivan/CCS, Peyton Thomas/Baylor, Hannah Wyatt/Soddy Dasiy 2nd Team: Becca Blevins/Signal Mountain, Chloe Brackett/Baylor, Lila Fisher/Signal Mountain, Kelly Pannell/Baylor, Katherine Rodgers/Baylor Honorable Mention: Alanna Barnes/Boyd Buchanan, Becca Haskins/Signal Mountain, Madison Kent/Signal Mountain, Haley Myers/Soddy Dasiy, Natalie Smith/Soddy Dasiy
1st Team:Danielle Ciabattone/Notre Dame, Teni Butler/Baylor, Carey Leiper/Notre Dame, Mckenzie Thomas/Baylor, Peyton Thomas/Baylor, Hanna Wyatt/Soddy Dasiy, 2nd Team: Chloe Brackett/Baylor, Mary Woodruff Griffin/GPS, Madison Kent/Signal Mountain
1st team:Kris Cambron/Notre Dame, Danielle Ciabattone/Norte Dame, Clair Lanter/Soddy-Dasiy, Logan Mays/CCS, Josie Rix/GPS, Kelsey Swann/Soddy-Dasiy 2nd Team: Carey Leiper/Notre Dame, Sarah Gawthrop/Baylor, Mckenzie Thomas/Baylor
2nd Team:Steve Harris/CSAS
1st Team:Kelsey Swann/Soddy Dasiy, Logan Mays/CCS, Clair Lanter/Soddy Dasiy, Mary Shelton Bryant/Baylor, Danielle Ciabattone/Notre Dame 2nd Team: Charity Blair/GPS, Sarah Gawthorpe/Baylor, Shannon Kelly/Notre Dame, Josie Rix/GPS
Boys: 1st TeamBlake Pelton/Notre Dame 2nd Team: Nouri Rahbe/McCallie
1st Team:Jennifer Clemmer/Baylor, Kelly Downs/Soddy Dasiy, Lauren Hammond/GPS, Josie Rix/GPS, 2nd Team: Fritsl Butler/Bayor, Katie Cooper/GPS, Ginny Henry/GPS, Lucy Phillips/CCS
2nd TeamBlake Pelton/Notre Dame
1st Team:Nikki Brannen/Notre Dame, Heather Trimiew/CCS, Holly Hullender/Ooltewah, Paige Lanter/Baylor, Teal Orr/CCS, Eryn Garcia/Grace
1st TeamJody Johnson/Soddy Dasiy
Currently or played for college programs:
1)Lauren Hammond (University of Tampa/Lynchburg College)
2)Catie Lester (University of Kentucky) GO CATS!!!!!
3)Paige Lanter (Samford University)
4)Mary Shelton Bryant (Samford University)
5)Blake Pelton (Eastern Tennessee State University)
6)Nikki Brennan (Carson Newman)
7)Lauren Good (Lee Univeristy)
8)Kelly Downs (University of Chattanooga)
9)Jenn Clemmer (Denison University)
10)Charity Blair (MTSU)
11)Claire Lanter (Lee University)
12)Kris Cambron (Tennessee Tech)
13)Sarah Gawthrop (Tennessee Tech)
14)Kelsey Swan (University of Chattanooga)
15)Steve Harris (Methodist University)
16)Josie Rix (University of Alabama)
17)Darcey Brannen (Lee University)
18)Danielle Ciabattone (Lee University)
19)Blair Barker(Jacksonville State)
20)Natalie Smith(Austin Peay)
21)Sarah Hencke(Georgetown College)
22)Summer Lanter(Lee)
23)Hannah Wyatt(UTC)
24)Peyton Thomas(UT)
25)Paige Elliott(Lehigh University)
26)Kelly Pannel(Western Carolina)
27)Teni Butler(University of Arkansas)
28)Marci Cater(University of Pitt)
29)Mckenzie Thomas(Samford University)
30)Chole Brackett(Wofford)
31)Mary Woodruff Griffin(Washington & Lee)
32)Grace Stewart(MTSU)
Pictured from left to right: Katelyn Smith(Hixson), Anna Lanter(Soddy Daisy), Blair Barker(Jacksonville State), Mary Elizabeth Clements(Baylor), Natalie Smith(Austin Peay), Sarah Hencke(Georgetown College), Sam DeBien(Cleveland), Kamryn Bloh(Baylor) Back row: Summer Lanter(Lee), Keyle Snyder(GPS), Hannah Wyatt(UTC), Peyton Thomas(UT), Paige Elliott(Lehigh University), Kelly Pannel(Western Carolina), Teni Butler(University of Arkansas), Marci Cater(University of Pitt), Coach Ray