Testimonials from college players and parents!
"Working with Kris has helped me develop as a player and really helped with my confidence on the ball. His sessions are a great place to work on individual skills while playing with great players that care about improving their soccer abilities. The sessions are very physically demanding and competitive, but fun at the same time. Kris isn't in it just for a job, he really cares about us developing as players. He has traveled to many of my games and has been very supportive in all aspects of my soccer career."-Summer Lanter (Lee University) 
"I began working with Kris at a young age and haven't stopped since. He has offered exceptional advice throughout the years, and has helped me in developing my foot skills. By working with him, I have not only learned the ways in which I can improve my style of play, but that there's always a way I can be a better player. Kris understands the importance of  the demands of the game (specifically skills training) and makes himself available to any player who is willing to work hard. Although I'm in college now, I still make time during holidays and breaks to meet with him for an individual or group session. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to excel in soccer to work with Kris and attend Elite Soccer Training camps."-Peyton Thomas (University of Tennessee)
"I am really glad I decided to train with Kris for the past several years. He expects hard work and dedication at his sessions, but he gives the same himself and it is evident he cares so much about improving all of his players. His training sessions have really helped me to improve my technical game, and I would recommend Kris to anyone!" -Paige Elliot (Lehigh University)
"For the past ten years, I've trained with Kris Ray. Having this opportunity has helped me grow so much as a player. His training sessions have increased my foot skills, first touch, and creativity on and off the ball. Kris is not only an excellent trainer, but he has also helped grow my confidence and he supports me 100%. I recommend Kris to any soccer player who wants to compete at a high level in college." -Kelly Pannell (Western Carolina University)  
"Training with Kris for five years was probably one of the smartest decisions I made regarding my soccer career. He not only helped me with my footskills and touch, but he also helped me with my confidence and tactics. I would not have had the success I have had or the opportunity to play at a high level in college if I did not train with Kris." -Marci Carter (University of Pittsburgh)
"Training with Kris definitely helped put me where I am today. Soccer was always a love of mine, but never really a talent. Kris worked hard with me to develop skills I needed to play at a high level in the SEC and I would recommend training with him to anybody looking to improve their game."
-Teni Butler (University of Arkansas)
"I have trained with Kris Ray for almost nine years, and his training sessions have benefited me more than any other sessions I've attended over the years. My foots skills improved, my confidence increased, and I was able to keep up with the high pace of the game as I got older. I would recommend Kris Ray to any soccer player looking to play at the next level. -Blair Barker (Jacksonville State University)
"Kris helps better my touches and speed with the ball each training session. I depend on training sessions with him to keep me consistent at the collegiate level. After many years training together I feel advantaged to have had such a creative skills trainer and that creativity and speed translates on the field."-Chloe Brackett (Wofford)
"Kris Ray is an awesome skills trainer! My first touch ball skill and shot improved after training with him. After my skills improved my confidence also increased which made me a better player as well! Kris made me a better player and prepared me for my first college season! I plan to keep going to Kris Ray until my soccer playing days are over. I love Kris and I would encourage anyone to train with him!"-Natalie Smith (Austin Peay State University)  
"Training with Kris has made me become a player I never thought I could be. At the collegiate level, touch, skill, and creativity is everything. Without him pushing me to lengths I never expected to reach has been one of the main components that has made me successful in competitive soccer. If you want to be better on the ball, more confident in the way you play, and reach a higher level of soccer, training with Elite Soccer Training is one of the first steps you should make."-Hannah Wyatt (UTC)
"Kris Ray is an excellent soccer skills trainer.  My confidence level and my footskills have both improved since I began taking lessons from Kris.  My playing time on my select and college team almost doubled over the years.  I enjoyed my lessons with Kris and appreciate all he taught me.  I would recommend him to everyone."
-Paige Lanter (Samford University)
"Kris ray is fantastic at what he does. Over the years I have seen Kris work with many kids with raw potential and i have seen him help turn them into great players. My sisters and I have all trained with him and we would all tell you how our footskills and confidence on the ball improved drastically after training with Kris.  I would recommend Elite Soccer Training to anyone who is really looking at becoming a better soccer player."
 -Clair Lanter (Lee University)
Youth Players
"Our first touch and being comfortable with the ball at my feet has been an important foundation to developing my skills as a player. Kris Ray does a great job in building those skills."-Julia and Jordan Kaset
Soccer Parents
"Greg and I have four daughters Paige, Clair ,Summer, and Anna. When Page was 10 years old she tried out and made a select team and it was a miserable year. She was the player that sat the bench and if we were winning got to enter the game the last five minutes. Moon pie Brannon was kind enough to tell us we needed to get her to Kris Ray and gave us his number. We bought 8 lessons and started taking her regularly. We saw results immediately. Her skills improved, her confidence grew, and she began to love the game. We were thrilled with her progress. The next season she started and played most of the game. She was a different player. Kris has worked with all my girls. He has been a HUGE part of their success on the field. He has been more than the skills trainer to them. He has supported each of them by following their games and working in the areas he saw needed improvement. He has pushed into excel and takes pride in their accomplishments. Kris doesn't get the recognition he deserves. We are always giving other parents this name and number, because we know he has made a difference for us. We are very grateful for his investment in our daughters."-Jeana Lanter 
"Elite Soccer Training is a phenomenal program and highly recommended to anyone who is serious about growing as a soccer player.  In Houston, our daughter, Kamryn, grew up in a very competitive soccer environment with lots of opportunities for league play and small sided tournaments.  Moving to Chattanooga two years ago, we were pleasantly surprised to find a group of dedicated soccer players trained by Kris Ray with whom Kamryn could continue her development as a player.  The rigorous drills and high skill level of players in the Elite Soccer group has truly helped Kamryn grow as a soccer player.  As a testament to the value of Kris Ray's program and its impact to the Chattanooga community, one only has to look at the number of student athletes who have trained with Kris over the years and have gone on to play college level soccer."-Greg Bloh
"Our daughter, Lainee, has been a student of the game since she was 4 years old.  As Lainee advanced from recreational soccer to select soccer, the one thing we learned early on was that good foot skills were imperative to making a difference on the field.  Regardless of the position, players that had great touches on the ball and the ability to maneuver around their opponents were the playmakers of the game.  We were referred to Kris Ray with Elite Soccer Training in 2009 and have only positives to say about the time and money invested in the portion of her soccer training.  Lainee has attended sessions with Kris for over 4 years, and she personally sees and understands the value of what he offers.  Consistent and ongoing training is what produces the best results and Elite Soccer Training is a "must" for those players striving to be the best at their game.  Not only has the training improved our daughter's soccer game and fitness over the years, but it has also benefited her in other sports as well.  Hats off to Kris Ray for offering invaluable training to area soccer Players"-Greg and Julie Bohannon  
"My daughter, Samantha DeBien, is in the 10th grade and has been playing soccer for most of her life. However, last year she started training with Kris two days a week, and the investment has been tremendous. Kris' commitment to the repetition of the basic fundamentals has improved Samantha's "touches" and foot skills far beyond what I thought was possible for a player as advanced as she already was. The drills that Kris puts the athletes through forces them to get exponentially better with the ball at their feet, but the fast paced, small sided competition drills also helps them tactically to make decisions very quickly. If one is serious about becoming a better soccer player, I highly recommend training with Kris Ray's Elite Soccer Training."-Eric Phillips
"Our daughter, Blair, has been training with Kris for 10 years. Over the years, Kris has provided Blair with the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to play collegiate soccer. His passion, dedication, and commitment to his craft are seen every time he works with her. Blair would not be the player she is today if she had not  trained with Elite Soccer Training. Her foot skills and her confidence have grown exponentially over the past 10 years. We have definitely seen marked improvement in her level of play and in her understanding of the game. If you have dreams of playing in college, training with Kris is a pivotal step in achieving that dream. Kris believes in the players he trains. He offers a skill set no one else in Chattanooga or the surrounding area can match. Kris knows what it takes to get to the next level."
 -Scott and Amy Barker
"Kris Ray is an invaluable asset to our thirteen year old daughter Katelyn. She has been training with Kris for 3 years and Kris has helped Katelyn to understand the game of soccer better. The more touches on the ball the better the player will become and this has improved Katelyn's foot skills and confidence level. We don't only see this with our daughter, but with other players as well. You can see a child's skill level improve so much within a few months' time when they consistently use Kris. If your child is serious about soccer and wants to see their skill level improve Kris Ray is a must."-Lynne and Spencer Smith
"Shortly after our children began training with Kris, the skills they were learning under his instruction markedly elevated their soccer play on the field."-Jon and Monique Flynn